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Teaching the Art, Science and Business of Craft Distilling

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Comprehensive Hands-on Training Seminars and Certification for Craft Distilling Entreprenuers


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One of the fastest growing small business industries in the nation is the Craft Distilling business. Craft Distilling is following the lead of the Craft Winery and Craft Brewery industries, which have both grown to support thousands of successful small firms. Craft Distillers can already be found in most  states, making this revival a nationwide phenomenon.

A profitable business for those with the right know-how. The craft distilling industry has been growing year by year So have we...
This is our 7th year of training the world’s next distillers; one batch at a time. We consider this your First Big Step To The Next Big Thing. We have added much to the curriculum over the years and are your best value for your training dollar. Join Us!

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The Right Know-How is Now Available

Knowledge is power. Everything you need to know about how to start and operate a successful Craft Distilling business is available from the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute. The art and science of distilling, the business, marketing, retailing, legal considerations, and much more. Everything! Get started now with comprehensive training.

Step-by-Step - Each Taught by a
Leading Expert

You’ll learn in detail the science, art and latest techniques of distilling from a successful  distiller. You’ll learn the intricacies of the business from a leading  industry business consultant. Marketing and retailing are also taught by experts. An attorney makes legal considerations clear. Much of the classes are “hands-on” and you’ll receive lots of support  materials to help you on the road to success.


A little about Artisan Craft Distilling Institute

Take the First Big Step to the Next Big Thing

There may never be a better time to get into the explosive growth Craft Distilling Business. Enroll in the next workshop today! 

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